New school year 2020-2021


Eurécole students returned to their classrooms and adherence to strict health protocols is maintained.

The new director, while continuing to uphold Eurécole’s educational standards, wishes to put languages firmly ​​at the heart of the Eurécole project.

This year, the nursery school classes (Petite Section and Moyenne Section) are bilingual. In the Grande Section class, English teaching time has doubled.

The primary school classes have not been forgotten, as part of the program (history, art and literature) is now taught in English, increasing the of weekly volume of English teaching from 4.45 minutes to 5.30 minutes.

The teaching of a second language (Spanish or German) continues to be a part of our core program.

Many language oriented events will be organized throughout the year.

The rest of the curriculum, which follows the French Education program, continues to be supplemented by art classes, sport and cultural activities.

Always keen to offer quality education, Eurécole will offer workshops and holiday camps in the English, German and Spanish ​​during the school holidays throughout the year ​​as well as French as a foreign language (FLE).


Registrations for this year are  still in progress. Mr. Daniel Pourrias, director of nursery – primary Eurécole, Mr. Olivier Beluche, Director of the Eurécole College and their administrative teams are at your disposal. You can reach Ms. Trufanow, executive assistant, at the following address: so that she can tell you what to do, the documents to provide and that she can arrange a telephone interview with the director. of Primary and Kindergarten Eurécole.

You can also call For the college, please contact Mr. Beluche as a priority at the following address: who will tell you what to do or on



Founded in 1989 by Claude Duval, EURÉCOLE is a unique international school with the greatest campus there is – Paris.
EURÉCOLE has a pedagogical programme that puts equal emphasis on study and personal development – reaching out to the world with the daily practice of three languages: French, English, Spanish or German – from Pre-school through Secondary level.
According to the profiles of the pupils, they will receive a bilingual education in addition to the FLE (French as a Foreign Language) or a trilingual education beginning in kindergarten.

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Eurécole has been specialized in teaching foreign languages since 1989 and is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Since its creation, learning foreign languages in an international environment – as from preschool – has been an integral part of our school’s curriculum and philosophy. Every year Eurécole welcomes many expatriate families whose children will gradually enroll in a French-language academic program.
At the start of the 2019 school year, Eurécole group will be opening a language school for both French and non-French speaking adults. Initially, classes will be offered in Spanish and French as a foreign language. In a globalized world where exchanges are constantly increasing, it has become essential to master more than one foreign language, both for speaking and writing. Learning a new language can be very beneficial for personal (integration/autonomy, travelling, culture) and professional reasons (career development, certification).
It is never too late to start learning another language ! MORE INFORMATION


logo_OEPL(002)The European Observatory of Plurilingualism as part of its observations of functions of institutions offering a multilingual program, was enthusiastic about the educational project at Eurécole and its levels of acquisition of our students: progressions, language levels and courses in situ.
Following this visit, an article was dedicated to our facility in organizing a site newsletter, thanks to this, a partnership was signed between Eurécole and the OEP.
Eurécole : nouveau modèle d’école internationale” – format PDF

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