Individual assessment

A pedagogical team available and attentive

Our primary goal is for your child to be happy to come to college, condition sine qua non of their fulfilment and therefore of their academic progress.

The quality of your child’s care is based on reasonable numbered classes which allows an effective individualised assessment. Class sizes do not exceed 20 students for core subjects, and english classes take place in small groups in order to promote speaking skills, agency and subsequently tangible progress.

The management and the teaching team are available and at your disposal: the success of your child depends on the quality of the relationship that we maintain in order to accompany them with care throughout their school year.

Supporting teenagers on a daily basis

We accompany our students on a daily basis in this complex transition from childhood to adolescence, a period in which the student must be guided with kindness and rigour.

We value effort and perseverance by adapting our expectations to each students’ profile and thus help them gain confidence.

Education, taken as a whole, does not stop at the classroom door.

 Individualised feedback

In order to adapt to the pace of each student, Eurécole Collège offers different modules which are added on to the main pillars of education. These weekly time slots make it possible to provide personalised care according to the  individual’s needs. These modules work in rotations 

Les Perf’ (1 hour)

The Perf’ (“Performance”) are one hour workshops in French or in Mathematics in small groups (max. 5 students) during 8 weeks for all the students. It makes it possible to break down difficulties in relation to a specific chapter or lesson, or provide pupils who are proficient in a subject to go beyond the program by working on more difficult exercises in order to enhance their skills.