Outings and trips abroad

Educational and cultural outings

We are fortunate to benefit from the rich cultural heritage of Paris.

Some courses take place outside the grounds of the school as part of visits to museums or temporary exhibitions.

Integration trip and team building

Every year, at the beginning of October, all students of the school have three days of integration stay with part of the teaching team.

The different age groups take part in activities of team-building (sports activities, debates, games). The BDE participates in part of the development of the program.

The aim is to strengthen relations between the students and to highlight the importance of the community, in which each individual is an active participant .

Trips abroad

Each year, a trip abroad is proposed to all middle school students. For a week, students set off to discover a European destination with their teachers and alternate between cultural visits and sporting activities.

Beyond the cultural and heritage interest, these trips allow students to gain autonomy and learn to live in a community outside of school and family settings.

Our latest destinations:

  • Sicily
  • London
  • Rome
  • Prague
  • Scotland (postponed due to Covid crisis)
  • Naples and Pompeii (postponed due to Covid crisis)