Logo-smallEURECAPE – The parents’ association of EURÉCOLE brings together all those parents wishing to partake in the daily life of the school.
EURECAPE  is financed solely by members’ contributions  and by donations received during the year.
EURECAPE is a nonprofit association constituted under law 1901. It contributes to the life of the school in three ways :

  • EURECAPE is a privileged partner of the administrative and teaching team.  The headmaster maintains permanent contact with the Eurécape committee.
  • EURECAPE participates in the continual enrichment of the education programme of the school by organizing numerous extra-curricular activities: the creation and daily organization of a book and multimedia  library, the establishment of a directory, the Eurécole Gala, sporting events and much more.
  • EURECAPE exists  for the parents of the pupils at EURÉCOLE . Thanks to experience accumulated over the years, the association serves as a link between parents and the school and provides information and advice through the elected parent representatives.

To facilitate the integration of new pupils, EURECAPE organizes each September a welcoming cocktail for the parents of new pupils. Breakfasts are also organized on a regular basis to encourage contact and discussion between parents.
During the Open Day, members of EURECAPE are always present to welcome prospective parents and to answer their questions.