Logo-smallThe former Eurécole students come back often to see their former classmates or teachers.

Their attachment to the school is seen in the investment they put into it: some of them come to help for the show or with the organization of the end of the year party and / or other events at Eurécole (accompany and animation at Olympic mornings, attendance to school birthdays, school excursions etc …)

An alumni association will also be starting soon.
It will bring together alumni and former teachers of the school worldwide.
The aim will be to facilitate exchanges among former students, their teachers, but also students and current educational team. It is also to help our former students build their professional lives. Indeed, Eurécole now has a network of old assets worldwide.

Eurécole Alumni will also bring its contribution to several projects whether it be  humanitarian and/or cultural, all in line with the values of openness and multiculturalism underpinning the philosophy Eurécole.
Its management will be independent from the direction of Eurécole.

Please be sure to check this page in order to be kept up to date with the progress of the association.