Logo-smallEURÉCOLE Collège associates the development of the pupil with academic excellence and a multilingual education.
Small classes offer individual attention ensuring the evolution of each pupil’s progress.
A unique educational program gives pupils a modern outlook.
Above and beyond the program of the French Ministry of Education, pupils at the school acquire an education which is cultured, humane and tolerant.

  • The balance of Sport / Art / Study / Languages in an atmosphere of pleasure of learning, personal development and of respect.
  • To a high level of academic teaching are added character-forming disciplines: the basics of Latin, Methodology, History of Art.
  • Intensive learning of 3 or 4 languages (English, German, Spanish, Chinese (as an after-school activity), in ability groups and taught by native speakers.
  • French as a foreign language (FLE) taught in ability groups.
  • Pupils regularly sit the examinations organized by the British Council, the Goethe Institute and the Cervantes Institute.
  • Cultural and language trips throughout Europe. Educational visits, after school activities, lectures, to compliment the work done in class.