Logo-smallEURÉCOLE Primary provides a truly rounded and international education.
We prepare pupils to succeed regardless of borders and differences.

EURÉCOLE Primary starts for children aged 5 or 6 years-old and consists of five years of study:

Preparatory Class CP – 6 to 7 years

Elementary Class
Year 1, CE1 – 7 to 8 years
Year 2, CE2 – 8 to 9 years

Middle Class
Year 1, CM1 – 9 to 10 years
Year 2, CM2 – 10 to 11 years

The school day is divided into eight class periods – a typical day includes English and German or Spanish. In Primary school, Computer courses are taught in English.
Language groups are organized according to competence level (beginners, intermediate, advanced, bilingual).
Artistic activities and sports play a key role in the EURÉCOLE curriculum.
Long recreation periods each morning and afternoon stimulate socialization and encourage physical activity.


Algebra and Antique civilisation courses start in CM2.


▶ Eurécole “Pedagogical objectives and the way to succession”