Logo-smallEURÉCOLE has always had one main intention: to provide its pupils with the tools necessary to enable them to become true citizens of both Europe and the world.
Founded on one pedagogical concept, both innovative and open to the world, EURÉCOLE offers its pupils and their parents a balanced curriculum consisting of sport, art and academic studies and providing the time necessary for learning European languages such as French, English, Spanish and German.

From an early age, EURÉCOLE offers an extremely varied program. Small classes guarantee individual attention for all pupils.
From the nursey classes up to the end of the “collège”, EURÉCOLE hosts some three hundred pupils, some of whom speak French on arrival and others not. Our priority is the full integration of each child, taking account of his/her individual profile and mother tongue.
Special lessons for new arrivals help them to adapt as quickly as possible so that together with their classmates, they may quickly adhere to the French Education Ministry program. In addition, EURÉCOLE proposes, in parallel, its own program from the youngest age: Algebra, History of Art, Computer Studies, Latin etc.

EURÉCOLE is a private non-religious establishment recognized by the French Education Ministry and with the support of the administration of the City of Paris. The school has one class that is under contract to the Education Ministry.
Pupils take the French Education Ministry tests according to age and level. They can also take the language tests of such well-known bodies as The British Council, The Goethe Institute and the Cervantes Institute.
EURÉCOLE is a member of the ELSA network which brings together those international schools who share the same ideals for ways of learning the English language.
As a French school, EURÉCOLE follows the French Education Ministry’s program. But the establishment does not just limit itself to this. EURÉCOLE does much more, by offering a balanced education incorporating both arts and sport as well as seeking academic excellence.

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