Brevet examination

Intensive preparation for the Brevet  

The 10th Grade , which concludes cycle 4 (7th, 8th, 9th grade), is an important transition for students, from the beginning of the first trimester students start to prepare for their final exam (a decisive exam for their school record) ; whilst anticipating throughout the school year what awaits them in high school and in higher education.

In order to prepare them as best as possible for the methodology of the exam and reciprocally helping them manage their eventual stress, the pupils in 9th grade prepare for the following from September to June:

  • 2h mock exams (rotation of subjects) fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons in Perf’ Brevet
  • Three Mock Brevets (all subjects distributed over two days under exam conditions) in November, February and May.

100% success rate 

Our teaching pedagogical method and the commitment of our team allow us to obtain each year:

  • 100% success rate for the Brevet exam 
  • 100% success rate for the Rectorate exam

Congratulations to the Class of 2021 !

  • success rate with 93.5% “mentions”(including 40% honours )