Admissions to highschools

Admissions to future highschools in France and abroad

The training provided at Eurécole college allows students to enter excellent high schools each year specialised in the preparation of the French baccalaureate or the international baccalaureate (IB), among which : 

  • Ermitage – IB Diploma Program (Maison-Lafitte)
  • Lycée Balzac -section internationale- (Paris 17e)
  • Lycée EIB Étoile (Paris 17e)
  • Lycée La Tour (Paris 16e)
  • Lycée Pascal (Paris 16e)
  • Lycée Janson de Sailly (Paris 16e)
  • ICS International High School -IB Program- (Paris 15e)
  • Cours Molière (Paris 12e)
  • Lycée Edgar Poe (Paris 10e)
  • Lycée Hattemer – IB Program/Section bilingue- (Paris 8e)
  • Lycée Saint-Sulpice (Paris 6e)
  • Lycée Saint-Genès La Salle (Bordeaux)
  • Lycée français de New-York
  • Lycée français de Rio de Janeiro
  • Lycée français de Singapour