Entry in 6th grade

Welcome to middle school !

The 6th grade , which concludes cycle 3 (CM1-CM2-6e ), is a pivotal year which requires different adjustments depending on the student’s profile. The aim of the teaching team is to allow for a smooth transition to meet middle school expectations.

An enriched initial curriculum

Whilst Eurécole College strictly follows the National French education program, weekly program for  6th grade has been enriched, as follows:

Focus on languages

 Support classes

Focus on general knowledge 

  • 45mn of Humanities (Classical studies and Mythology, initiation to Latin and Ancient Greek, and History of Religion)

Class Life and Methodology

The weekly school life class time (45mn) with the main teacher will focus on::

  • Individual organisation and methodology (homework management and use of the Pronote :  online homework software, organisation of their locker, management of the various notebooks, neatness  and writing).
  • The community life issues (agreement between students, conflict management, joint projects, organisation of outings, proposals for the Student Council, etc.) in collaboration with class representatives and alternate class representatives.
  • The Prevention issues  (harassment, use of social networks, health, road safety, etc.) led by various participants of middle school life and with specific annual interventions by the 8th district Police Prevention Organisation. 


The welcoming of the youngest pupil is essential. The arrival in a new establishment, where the former pupils of CM2 become “the youngest”, can cause anxiety at the start of the school year.

As soon as they arrive, we place  emphasis on guidance from older pupils and the practice of joint activities with other age groups to help them take their first steps as middle school students  in a warm and family-like atmosphere conducive to the development of each student.