Focus on languages

Focus on languages!

Intensive multilingualism is a major asset. At Eurécole college, where more than25 nationalities connect, your child will evolve daily in an international environment conducive to language learning. Whilst it provides an open outlook on the world, it also prepares them for their future careers in an increasingly selective globalised world.

Each week, at least three afternoons are devoted to language learning:
  • 6 hours of English
  • 3 hours of Spanish or German from 6th grade
  • Mandarin Chinese option ( 2h )
  • French as a foreign language option (up to 2 hours depending on the level of the student)



  • 3 hours lessons per week
  • 2 group levels
  • Preparation for the Goethe exam (included)


  • 3 hours lessons per week
  • 2 group levels
  • Preparation for the DELE exam (included)

French as a foreign language (FLE)immersive course

  • Extends up to 2 hours lessons per week
  • 3 group levels
  • Preparation for the DELF exam (included)

Mandarin Chinese (optional)

  • 2 hours lessons per week
  • Preparation for the HSK exam (included)

 Learning methods

Training and functioning of each group according to their level

Upon arrival in September, all the students take an oral and written placement test in each language. The results of these tests will allow teachers and the Language Manager to allocate students in different level groups with ease.

To complete the assessments that take place throughout the term, a second general assessment takes place before the Christmas holidays. Depending on their results, some students will move on to the next group level at the start of the school year in January. This flexibility encourages students to maintain their efforts. A final general assessment takes place in June to evaluate the students’ progress.

Each preparation group for the foreign language certification exams are formed at the end of September, after consultation with the teachers. As for language courses, a student who has made significant progress may be required to integrate the preparation group in the higher level.

Organisation of language courses

Our language team is made up of native speaking teachers, which are coordinated by the Head of Languages. Each week, they meet to discuss their teaching practises , the pedagogical follow-up of each student and set up cross-disciplinary projects that boost their teaching.

We favour reasonable numbered classes in order to promote an effective follow-up of each student. This also helps gain self-confidence and progress quickly in speaking. The student becomes an active speaker. Part of the homework is done online and allows each student to progress at their own pace.

The preparation for foreign language certification exams is included in the annual progress assessment of each language taught at Eurécole. Only the British Council exam is taught as a specific weekly lesson of 45 minutes.

Learning languages ​​by making friends

Outside of the classroom,multilangualism perdures : English being the main spoken language between the pupils, in the same way as French. Language becomes a means of  communication which encourages exchanges and promotes oral practises outside of an academic framework.

Bonds and friendships  forged between pupils of different nationalities throughout the school year during breaks, extra-curricular activities or Student Council meetings are conducive to rapid and smooth progress.