Academic teaching

Weekly Common core and Options from sixième/6th grade to troisième/9th grade

Eurécole College is a non-contractual institution that follows the French National Education curriculum whilst offering large hourly courses devoted to languages. 

The lessons duration is 1h30 minutes (excluding options). They promote practical learning (in-depth document studies, experiments, practical exercises, manual work, lectures/orale exercises,etc.)

Foreign languages (from 9 to 13 hours with options): 


  • 2 hours of Mandarin from 6th grade
  • An extra 2 hours of French for foreigners (for students in academic transition)

Social Sciences (from 9h45 to 10h15 with option)

  • French: 4h30
  • History-Geography and Civic Moral Education: 3h
  • Art: 1h30
  • Humanités: 45mn (6th: Ancient culture; 7th: Geography; 8th: Philosophy; 9th: Economics and social sciences)


  • Latin: 45mn (open to students from grade 7 to grade 9,  initiated in Humanities  course in the 6th grade)

Sciences (9h)

  • Mathématics: 4h30
  • Life and Earth Sciences (SVT): 1h30
  • Physics Chemistry (SPC): 1h30 (45mn in 6th)
  • Technology and IT: 1h30

Sport (2h30)

Class life (45mn)

Additional modules