Student Council

Learning about democracy

The role of class representatives

We take very seriously the role of class representatives, who are active participants  in the school life of the establishment. Each class will elect two class representatives and two alternate class representatives.

At the end of September, when the students know each other well enough, election campaign week is organised within each class. Each candidate student submits their ideas for future events and to better school life, in a French or English speech to convince all of their French-speaking and English-speaking classmates.

The class representatives and their alternates participate actively in the school life. They are the privileged spokespeople who exchange with the Management and the Educational team. Within each exchange, they take into account the diversity of opinions and sensitivity of each student.

The role of the Student Council (BDE – Bureau des élèves)

This body of students , composed of a President, a Vice-President, a secretary and a treasurer elected by all the students of the establishment, is renewed annually in October at the end of the integration trip. Candidate students prepare a campaign in French and English, inclusive to all age groups with annual projects and the main guidelines, presented during a great speaking presentation to all of the school’s students.

Within this association made up exclusively of students, young people learn to be active participants in their daily life at school . The BDE (school council) allows them to have practical learning of democratic functioning (meetings, debates, respect for an opposing opinion).

Meetings take place two times a month Thursdays during the midday break. The class representatives  of each class participate in the meetings to bring up the requests of their class group. These meetings are open to all middle school students – for those who want to volunteer – from 6th grade to 9th grade. Debates are held in French and English in order for all students in the school to express themselves. The administrative assistant acts as a mediator and accompanies the students in coordinating their actions.

Organised activities and events

The BDE manages and organises some of the school’s events and parties. Students learn to set up projects, to calculate their costs, and organise and animate events in order to raise funds allowing them to finance their future projects and events.

In addition to the festive events, the BDE participates in the organisation of the college’s educational events and is also a driving force in the organisation of humanitarian or environmental protection campaigns(recycling and energy saving) in order to raise awareness among all of their classmates of current and future challenges.

Festive events :

  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Galette des rois
  • Friendship Day
  • Carnival

Participation in the organisation:

  • Guidance from student from the year above
  • Integration trip
  • Trips abroad
  • End of year outing
  • End of year prom
  • Graduation ceremony
  • Linguistic Certification Ceremony

Humanitarian projects:

  • Collection of hygiene products for Ukrainian refugees
  • Collecting toys (Green Santa Clauses from the Secours Populaire)
  • Collecting school supplies for Gunsa middle school (for Nepal)
  • Collecting school books and dictionaries (for the Philippines)