logo_eurecole_collegeFrequently, former pupils return to Eurécole Collège to bring us news, to update us on their excellent career paths or to visit their former teachers. We occasionally invite them to join us for different events, sports day, end of year party or to accompany pupils on visits – so that the new generations can imagine what, as former pupils of Eurécole Collège, they might be doing in years to come.

An association is currently being set up so that former Eurécole Collège pupils may :

  • meet up formally and informally
  • develop their own networks in order to increase contacts with prospective employers
  • create a directory of former pupils and of the companies for which they work
  • play a role in forming the new generations of pupils at Eurécole
  • promote the values shared by Eurécole

For more information about the future association of former pupils of Eurécole Collège, please consult this page or the school Facebook page from time to time.