Collège Eurecole presentation webinar on Thursday, November 30th at 12:30 pm.
We invite you to join us for a presentation of the school, its pedagogical project, the different languages taught and the extracurricular activities on offer.
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100% success rate and 88% with honours for the 2023 French middle school diploma. More than 50% of these students are originally non-French speakers. Congratulations to this class and a sincere thank you to our teachers!

The Eurécole Group

“It’s never too early to get ahead “

The Eurécole Group was founded by Madame Claude Duval in 1989. Passionate about the innovation in education, she was admitted as Chevalier de L’ordre National of the Legion of Honour in 2002 to honour her commitment to the education sector.

Eurécole group comprises three establishments:

An international environment in the heart of Paris

Founded in 1991,  Eurécole College is a private middle school located in the centre of Paris on avenue des Champs Elysées. It welcomes students from sixième-6th grade to troisième-9th grade in a secure and family-like environment, and provides an immersion in an international setting where close to 22 nationalities connect. French and English are the two main languages utilised in the school by teachers and students alike.

The establishment nurtures an open-minded environment and fosters intercultural exchanges on a daily basis in a caring and respectful manner. We offer your child an immersive experience where the mixing of different cultures improves their capacity to adapt to the ever-changing professional world and navigate modern society.

The advantage of our pedagogical model : languages

Our program, which follows the French National Education curriculum, has been organised into four balanced teaching poles (Science, Social Sciences, Languages and Sport). Our pedagogy concentrates on the acquisition of solid methodology, the cementing of core subjects and promotes transversality between subjects in order for them to articulate better together. 

Eurécole College has developed a pedagogical program founded on :

  • Reasonable numbered classes which allow an individualised and effective schooling approach respectful of the students’ learning pace.
  • A caring and committed educational team that accompanies your child every day in a family-like atmosphere conducive to the development of each student.
  • A focus on foreign languages from 6th grade (until 9 hours weekly – including 6 hours of English) comprising an English section and an immersive extra French course for foreigners (Français Langue Etrangère – FLE)
  • A dynamic and ambitious extracurricular program that enriches academia.

A pedagogical program which shows results

Our pedagogical method and the commitment from our staff allows us to obtain the following results each year :

  • 100% success rate on the Rectorat exam
  • 100% success rate in all four language certifications (English, German, Spanish, French as a foreign language) 
  • 100% success rate for Brevet with 88% of honour
  • The acceptance of our 9th grade students in excellent high schools